Review: Nyne Rebel Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Nyne’s Rebel ($180) is a smaller version of its Rock, which we reviewed in Februrary. Rebel has a total output of 40W from its two active drivers, two active tweeters, and active subwoofer. It’s splashproof with an IPX3 rating, and gets 8-10 hours of total playtime before needing a charge from its AC adapter (which includes worldwide plugs). A 3.5mm audio cable is also included with the speaker. Rebel connects using Bluetooth 4.0, and like Rock, it includes a 1A charging port for your iPhone.

Review: Nyne Rebel Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Describing Rebel as a smaller version is about as accurate as we can be: Rebel is essentially a smaller carbon copy of the larger Rock. Rebel is about 15.8” x 9.75” x 6.75” — not super portable, but moreso than the massive Rock. Otherwise, you’re getting the same design, the same black matte color, and the same features. Rock has a slightly better expected playtime with its battery, but that’s to be expected, too. Rebel is as oddly shaped as Rock, but it’s got a carrying handle, and that makes it pretty easy to lug around, even at 7.75 pounds.

Review: Nyne Rebel Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Review: Nyne Rebel Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Rebel’s sound is a slightly different story. It has some power and bass, but it certainly can’t bring the thunder like the beastly Rock. However, Rebel’s sound seems to work better for some songs than Rock — some details which get lost behind Rock’s booming bass are less obscured here. Rebel holds up pretty well compared to some of the better speakers in the $200 range. Speakerphone performance, however, was mediocre in our testing.

Review: Nyne Rebel Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Review: Nyne Rebel Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The biggest knock against Rebel is its portability. Though it’s not as big as older brother Rock, it’s still a bit of a behemoth when compared to similarly priced top-notch Bluetooth speakers. And while it’s splashproof, a fully waterproof speaker would make us a bit more comfortable using Rebel in any environment. That being said, its size also can work in its favor, as it offers a subwoofer and strong sound for a very good price. If portability isn’t of the utmost importance, Rebel is worth strong consideration this summer.

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Company: Nyne

Model: Rebel

MSRP: $180

Compatibility: Bluetooth iPads, iPhones + iPods

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