Even though we’ve seen hundreds of iPod and iPhone stickers before, Oten’s new DomeSkin ($15 each) brings something new to the table: a thicker, 3-D alternative with a nice glossy finish, and the ability to be removed and reused. Released in versions for the iPod nano 4G, iPod classic, iPod touch 2G and iPhone 3G, each DomeSkin comes with two primary attachments: one goes on the front of your iPod or iPhone, the other on the back. Click Wheel iPods get a third piece that covers the center Click Wheel action button, as well. The result is an elevated, glossy artistic frame for the device’s screen and front controls, with a matching rear full panel of art on the back; no coverage is included for the sides, screen, top, or bottom. Notably, the stickers slightly overlap the edges of each device’s screen, and don’t completely cover all of the devices’ fronts or rears, but they’re close. Both the iPod touch and iPhone 3G versions have transparent pass-throughs for these devices’ front-mounted sensors. DomeSkins are produced by Oten, the company behind Sena Cases. Updated October 4, 2010: There are now DomeSkin versions for the iPad and iPhone 4, as well, shown below, updating our May 13, 2009 original entry. Updated October 19, 2010: And iPod touch 4G versions, too, shown at the bottom.

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Company and Price

Company: Oten Inc.

Website: www.Domeskin.com

Model: DomeSkin

Price: $15

Compatible: iPod nano 4G, iPod classic, iPod touch 2G, iPhone 3G