Review: OutOfTheBit Sudoku Pro

On August 1, 2008, iLounge published iPhone Gems: Every Sudoku Game, Reviewed, a feature article looking at 23 different Sudoku releases for the iPhone OS. This review focuses on Sudoku Pro by OutOfTheBit/Ignazio Motisi ($2 $1); you can read the full article, with screenshots of all of the games together, through the link above. A collective screenshot below shows you some of the other Sudoku interfaces you can expect to find in these titles.

Review: OutOfTheBit Sudoku Pro

If you’re reading this article, you probably already know that Sudoku is a one-screen puzzle game based upon a 9-by-9 grid that’s partially filled with numbers. The objective is to fill the empty spaces of the grid with single digit numbers so that the same digit does not appear twice on any horizontal or vertical line. Additionally, the same number should not appear twice in any of nine 3-by-3 mini grids on the screen.

iLounge’s top-ranked Sudoku games are ones that offered fully-functional renditions of the game, with impressive interfaces, bonus features, user customization, and pricing as of the time we tested them. The fewer of these features a given game had, the lower it rated. While updates to these games may well be released over time, and their features may change, we couldn’t wait around forever for bad or so-so titles to catch up with ones that were already good or great.


Review: OutOfTheBit Sudoku Pro

Sudoku Pro is another plain take on Sudoku with a fine but not great interface. Three levels of difficulty are available, and the game makes it easy to enter either your actual or potential number picks by clicking on a grid field and calling up a bottom-of-screen keyboard. Additional puzzles are automatically generated. Given the price, we’d call this a bit better than a demo, but it’s still below average overall. [Editor’s Note: The game’s price was cut in half following our review.]


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Company: OutOfTheBit


Title: Sudoku Pro

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Compatible: iPod touch, iPhone, iPhone 3G

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