Gear Guide: Ozaki iCarry for iPad

Ozaki has provided iLounge with a pre-release look at its upcoming iPad accessories. The new lineup includes the iCoat iFit Pad, a plush sleeve-style case featuring a horizontal design and zippered closure, and the iCarry Pad, a unique case featuring a rotating, metallic-finish rear handle that doubles as both a horizontal and vertical stand. Finally, Ozaki will be offering an iCoat Invisible Pad screen protector for the iPad. Both the iCoat iFit sleeve and iCoat Invisible screen protector are expected to launch in mid-May, while the iCarry case is expected to ship at the end of May; pricing for all three products has yet to the announced.

Gear Guide: Ozaki iCarry for iPad

Gear Guide: Ozaki iCarry for iPad

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Company: Ozaki


Model: iCarry

Price: TBD

Compatible: iPad (2010)

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