Review: P-Dezine Mon-Avis iPad Stand

With the debut of Apple’s second-generation iPad just around the corner, we wanted to revisit a number of stands for the first-generation model to see which have come closest to getting a “right” formula for design, materials, and pricing. As is always the case, it’s unclear as to whether these stands will be compatible with the revised shape and size of new iPad models, so our ratings are based solely on their suitability for use with the original iPad.

Review: P-Dezine Mon-Avis iPad Stand

Review: P-Dezine Mon-Avis iPad Stand

Apparently the first product from small new developer P-Dezine, Mon-Avis ($25) is an iPad stand with a large, case-compatible frame and two legs that independently can be locked into your chosen position(s) using thumbwheels. The appeal of the separate legs, explains P-Dezine, is to let the stand work on uneven surfaces if necessary. Mon-Avis is made largely from matte black plastic with a ring of foam padding for the iPad at the top back, but none elsewhere; it adjusts from a modest keyboard like recline to a straight upright position—or inbetween—and feels solidly made.


Review: P-Dezine Mon-Avis iPad Stand

Review: P-Dezine Mon-Avis iPad Stand

Initially, our only issue with the unit that arrived was a large, cheap-looking Mon-Avis sticker on the back that left adhesive residue when we went to remove it. Further testing and comparisons against rival designs showed that the Mon-Avis unit offers a very adequate easel-style design with so-so aesthetics that put functionality over form, but also allow for greater device and case compatibility than competitors with bare iPad-only frames. The original $45 price was on the high side for something made entirely from plastic, but P-Dezine fixed that by slashing off $20, making the stand a more attractive option. Consider Mon-Avis if looks aren’t critically important, and you need granular control over reclining angles.

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Company: P-Dezine LLC


Model: Mon-Avis

Price: $25

Compatible: iPad (2010)

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