Gear Guide: Pacific Rim FM Transmitter


Gear Guide: Pacific Rim FM Transmitter

Introducing the world’s first FM transmitter powered by any vehichle cigarette lighter adapter. No battery needed!! This FM Transmitter is the perfect way to get sound from your iPod, PDA, MP3 or CD player into your car stereo. This device transmits stereo audio from your portable music player directly to your car’s radio or home stereo through your FM radio. It allows you to play your MP3 music thru your car’s FM radio. Just tune your car radio into any unused FM channel. Then adjust the radio frequency channel of the FM Transmitter to the same radio frequency channel of the radio and you’ll hear your music player playing in stereo off the radio. Simply plug FM Transmitter into the line output or headphone jack of the MP3 player and sit back and enjoy!


  • 12V cigarette lighter power cradle 30-inch retractable standard 3.5mm audio connector

  • User’s Manual

  • Brand: I-Transmit

  • Frequency range: 88.0 – 108.00 MHz (MP3 Player not included.)

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    Company: Pacific Rim Technologies
    Model: FM Transmitter
    List Price: $29.99

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