Gear Guide: Pacific Rim Technologies Wireless Remote and Cradle Bundle


Gear Guide: Pacific Rim Technologies Wireless Remote and Cradle Bundle

The wireless remote and cradle bundle is a great addition to your home stereo.

iCradle for ipod is an innovative cradle that allows Mini iPod, 3G ipod (10, 15 and 20 gig) and 4G (20gig) to dock and to transfer data seamlessly. The cradle has a USB 2.0 connection, E1394 Firewire connection and an audio jack on the back of the cradle.

The docking station is an convenient way to make syncing and charging your iPod or iPod mini easier than ever.

Simply set your iPod or iPod mini on the docking station and connect it to your home theater or system or for privacy use your headphones. You can now showcase your iPod at your party without ever worrying about connecting to your speakers.

Supports all iPods and iPod minis with docking connection (except 30GB & 40GB versions).

Free USB 2.0 cable included AND Firewire!

  • Unit charges and Syncs all iPod minis through USB and Firewire

  • Cradle charges and syncs all compatible iPods through Firewire. Cradle Syncs all compatible iPods through USB

  • 150+ ft RF Control Range

  • Signal travels around corners and through walls

  • Water Resistant Remote

  • User Friendly Design

  • Lifetime Warranty on Remote!

  • 5 Button / 9 Function Remote

  • Receiver

  • Universal Audio Cable for Home Stereo Hook Up

  • Belt Clip for Remote

    Compatible With:

  • iPod Photo

  • 4th Generation iPod with Click Wheel

  • 3rd Generation iPod with touch wheel and buttons

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    Company and Price

    Company: Pacific Rim Technologies
    Model: Wireless Remote and Cradle Bundle
    List Price: $59.99

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