Review: Pangea Audio Headphone Hanger


There comes a time in every headphone enthusiast’s life when they find themselves shopping for banana hangers. Expensive fullsize headphones can’t be left on a desk — they need to be protected when not in use. The search usually begins with beautiful galley-quality stands made of exotic woods, from which the enthusiast will inevitably retreat once they see the price. Almost inevitably, the search lands on cheap banana hangers, which do the job pretty well for a fraction of the cost. We don’t judge — we’ve been there too. This week, however, we’re reviewing another option — a $13 headphone hanger from Pangea Audio that can mount to almost any desk or cabinet. It’s cheap, but it does the job.

Review: Pangea Audio Headphone Hanger

The Pangea Headphone Hanger comes in three plastic parts. We found it a little difficult to get the hanger mounted to the frame but, once it was in, everything held together securely. Once assembled, the hanger can be mounted horizontally or vertically to the edge of a desk or other surface, from 1/8” to 1-3/8” thick — three major size options are available, with fine tuning available via thumbscrew. Though the construction of this headphone hanger is undeniably plastic, it feels sturdy and holds securely and did not mark up the surfaces we tested it on. A vinyl pad is attached to the hanger’s fame with adhesive — our review sample was coming unstuck slightly at the edges, but stuck back down easily enough.

Review: Pangea Audio Headphone Hanger

We trusted Pangea’s headphone hanger to keep safe our review sample of Hifiman’s HE6 SE — an $1,800 headphone that weighs over one pound — and it performed exactly as described. Even wide suspension headbands like that of the Audeze LCD-3 were safe on the Pangea hanger, even if their headbands were a bit wider than its landing zone. If you’re one of us who is currently eyeing a banana hanger, know that unlike hangers designed for fruit, Pangea’s product took up no space on our desk, and applied even pressure to the headband, avoiding permanent marking. The Pangea headphone hanger does exactly what it’s supposed to for very little money. What more could we ask for?

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