Gear Guide: Payday Roulette

Veiled Games, the coolest new kids on the iPhone block, are excited to inform you of their first game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch: Payday Roulette.

Gear Guide: Payday Roulette

  In our quest to make enough money as iPhone developers to quit our mind numbing jobs, Evan and Jeff from Veiled Games have created their first game, crafted out of blood, sweat, and code signing frustrations. Payday Roulette is the perfect iPhone Roulette game for the perfect price!

• Beautifully rendered, hand drawn graphics that simulate the casino feel.

  • A Roulette wheel and ball that you actually spin yourself! Who knows why all other roulette games skipped on this, but our wheel and ball are all natural.

  • Sound effects that don’t get in the way, but have that addictive casino feel that keeps you begging for more.

  • A unique indicator that shows exactly what numbers on the wheel you stand to make money on.

  • A real steal at .99 cents, especially considering the next roulette game on the market is 2.99 and is a poor imitator (in our biased minds at least).

  Visit for more info, screen shots, and a gameplay video of Payday Roulette.

Or see it on the iTunes store at

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