Review: Pelican ProGear Voyager for iPhone 5/5s


Made for the iPhone 5 and 5s, Voyager ($50) is the latest case from Pelican ProGear. Continuing the company’s lineage, the two-piece plastic and rubber case is heavily protective — in a way, it feels like the logical step up from last year’s CE1150 Protector Series Case. Although it’s not going to keep the handset safe if it’s submerged in a pool or a puddle, Voyager will protect against splashes, drops, and more. Additionally, the case comes with one piece of non-adhesive, reusable screen film and a belt clip that can double as a stand.

Review: Pelican ProGear Voyager for iPhone 5/5s

Review: Pelican ProGear Voyager for iPhone 5/5s

Much like CE1150, Voyager splits vertically. It’s mostly plastic, but augmented with rubber for extra shock absorption. The soft material can be found in two horizontal strips across the back, as well as the border where the two pieces meet, and lining the back. It covers the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons, plus the side switch, speaker, microphone, headphone port, and Lightning port. The switch and ports are accessible through flaps that lift out of the way, while the design along the bottom allows audio to be ported in and out.


Review: Pelican ProGear Voyager for iPhone 5/5s

It’s rare for most companies to include screen film with their cases these days, so it’s always appreciated when we come across a case that has it packed in. Despite the grid of dots that’s visible if you look closely at Voyager’s protector, it’s clear when the screen is turned on. Because there’s no adhesive, you don’t have to worry about bubbles or dust, and it can easily be reused.


Review: Pelican ProGear Voyager for iPhone 5/5s

Review: Pelican ProGear Voyager for iPhone 5/5s

Voyager doesn’t bring anything truly new to the table, but it is a good co-molded case, meriting our strong general recommendation. The price is somewhat high for an iPhone case, but not unreasonable. Extra coverage for the ports and buttons is really what helps it stand out. For most people, in most circumstances, it’s going to be enough protection to get through anything the day might throw at them.

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Company: Pelican Products


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Compatible: iPhone 5/5s

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