Review: Philips SHE9501 Ultra Sound In-Ear Headphones


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Review: Philips SHE9501 Ultra Sound In-Ear Headphones


If clean, powerful sound is what you’re after, and Sony’s excellent MDR-EX81s don’t look right for your ears, the SHE9501s offer a cheaper and less ear-intrusive alternative. Designed with long plastic stalks and a neck cable that’s decidedly longer on the right side than the left, the SHE9501s don’t go as snugly into your ear canals as the Sonys, or as loosely around your neck as most earphones, a combination which some will like and others won’t. But their sound is a rival for the Apple’s late 2006 improved iPod Earphones, a good thing, and some will find Philips’ added silicone more comfy.



SHE9501 is available from – boasts “deep and dynamic bass performance,” and includes three different sizes of silicone rubber ear tips, a hard plastic earbud/tip carrying case, a soft fabric carrying pouch, and a two-piece cable with gold connectors.

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Company: Philips


Models: SHE9501

Price: $22

Compatible: All iPods

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