Gear Guide: Pixelgirlshop iPod and iPod mini cases

Let your ipod make a statement or two!

Now you can give your ipod a brand new look whenever you feel like it with these cute handmade ipod cases!

Case designed to fit ipods: 4th generation (4G) iPod, both 20 GB and 40 GB OR iPod minis (choose from the pulldown menu).

Made of wool/acrylic blend felt, with acrylic felt appliques and velcro closure. Clear vinyl covering for screen and click wheel, designed for full usability of both. Hand sewn, with hand applique. Designed for accessibility of locking switch, headphone jack, and USB plug.
Due to the extremely handmade “look” of these cases, each one will be a little different and will not be an exact fit.

  • Hand made!

  • Multiple designs available on product page

  • 4G 20GB, 4G 40GB, and iPod mini cases available

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    Company: Pixelgirlshop
    Model: iPod and iPod mini cases
    List Price: $16-20

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