Gear Guide: PodBuddies Figurines


Gear Guide: PodBuddies Figurines

The PodBoy 1.0 is designed to hold and display your iPod Shuffle.  That’s right don’t just toss your Shuffle in a drawer, let everyone know you have one and are proud of it.  This item is ideal for any home or office and is a great piece to place next to your computer.  PodBoy ver.1.0 will be limited to only 100 pieces.  All figurines will be hand numbered and signed on the bottom by the artist “Ivy”.  All figurines are hand made from polymer clay and are then oven baked.  These are high quality figurines that will be the topic of many conversations.  Each piece is hand made and may differ slightly from the one shown in the picture.

* The figurine comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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Company: PodBuddies
Model: PodBuddy
List Price: $15.00


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