Review: Pool by PosiMotion


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Review: Pool by PosiMotion

The final title in this group is Pool​ from PosiMotion, which has the least to offer in terms of depth, but makes up for it a little with a smooth 2-D presentation of 8-Ball, 9-Ball, and straight games—the only ones it includes. You’re given an overhead view of a crisply-drawn table with very smooth ball physics and fine sound effects, as well as a rotating 2-D cue stick and a meter on the side of the screen for shot strength. There are also fine-positioning buttons on the bottom of the screen, but sadly, no spin adjustment. When you’re done positioning the stick, you pull your finger back on the meter, letting the level increase numerically from 0 to 100—a smart way to help users judge strength. Release your finger and the stick hits the ball.

Review: Pool by PosiMotion

PosiMotion clearly hasn’t put as much time into this title as the others—you can only play a straight game alone, with human or computer opponents only in 8-ball or 9-ball—and there’s no doubt that you get less here in terms of either graphics or depth than the other two titles, respectively. This is an okay billiards title, but we’d say that it needs a lot more work before it’s worthy of an asking price equal to or higher than Adrenaline’s. iLounge Rating: C.


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Company: PosiMotion

Website: N/A

Title: Pool​

Price: $6

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches


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