Review: Pour1out by 40Cozy


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Review: Pour1out by 40Cozy

There’s one and only one reason we’re featuring Pour1out (Free) in iPhone Gems, and then, we should note up front that it’s the first “Rated 17+” title we’ve ever covered on iLounge. The reason: it is an amusing, if not especially well-executed demonstration of how a free iPhone app can be used as a promotional tool for companies. We picked it so that other developers might be inspired by the concept.

Review: Pour1out by 40Cozy

We actually laughed at the application description found in the App Store for Pour1out: “Do you ever wish you could pour one out for a homie, but don’t have a 40oz nearby? Wait, you just bought a $200 phone, do you even know what a 40 of malt liquor is?” Well, for those who haven’t heard of 40’s, malt liquor, or pouring one out, the idea is to honor a dead friend by spilling some of a beer or another alcoholic drink on the ground—a tribute sometimes offered to dead rappers and the like. Pour1out uses a digitized bottle of malt liquor, animated like a movie to show the motion of pouring its contents out, all triggered by your tilting of the device’s accelerometer. It’s nothing fancy, and not necessarily as impressive as iBeer, but yeah, it works.


Review: Pour1out by 40Cozy

What’s interesting about Pour1out is that unlike iBeer, it’s free. And it’s actually a promotion for the developer’s web site, 40Cozy, which sells decorative temperature wraps (“cozies”) for 40s and other drinks—you can even put a cozy of your choice on the iPhone’s animated bottle. The idea of selling “cozies” for 40s, traditionally wrapped in brown paper bags, is laughable on its face, but the concept of promoting a product with an iPhone app is really smart. Clicking on the i icon within Pour1out provides links to the company’s web site to order the cozies, as well as to Google Maps to locate a nearby liquor store, again sort of stupid but funny. When you’re done chuckling, just imagine how many of these apps will be showing up over the next year or two—some may actually be good. iLounge Rating: C-.


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