Gear Guide: Pro-Fit International miMount with LoBoy


Gear Guide: Pro-Fit International miMount with LoBoy

mi Mount™ was created to fill a significant demand from iPod users. There is a need for a quality passive cradle and vehicle mounting solution. Keeping the iPod secure within the vehicle provides numerous safety benefits, not to mention easy access to all the iPod features and functions. mi Mount fits 3 of the most popular iPods, the 10, 15 and 20 GB versions. It even fits the 30 GB iPod Photo! mi Mount is available in 3 different combinations with mounting solutions for your vehicle including LoBoy – the newest that Pro-Fit has to offer.

– Featuring LoBoy mounting solution.

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Company: Pro-Fit International
Model: MiMount with LoBoy
List Price: $33.90


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