Review: Proof Cases Duo for iPhone 5/5s


More than two and a half years ago, we reviewed Proof Cases’ Duo for iPhone 4/4S, awarding it our high recommendation based heavily on its unique design. Now the company has come back with Duo for iPhone 5/5s ($20-$25), a slightly tweaked version of the original made to fit newer generation devices. Aside from size differences, there are a handful of fun patterns available at a $5 premium over the standard grey or black matte options. The version pictured here is the $25 Duo+ version, which for $5 more than Duo includes an extra bottom clip, screen film, and a cleaning cloth.

Review: Proof Cases Duo for iPhone 5/5s

Review: Proof Cases Duo for iPhone 5/5s

Like before, Duo is made of hard polycarbonate plastic, with a soft touch rubber finish that makes it pleasant to hold. The case is a slider, but instead of a bottom cap coming off, there’s a small clip that fits into the main body from the bottom edge. When it’s removed, you can slide in the phone, and than refit the clip. To remove the device, you push down and out on the phone, which’ll force the clip out and allow you to take out the handset.


Review: Proof Cases Duo for iPhone 5/5s

The plastic leaves three openings for the headphone port and microphone, Lightning port, and speaker. Similarly, there are holes for the camera array, volume buttons and side switch, and Home Button. We’d have preferred proper button coverage, a feature found on many iPhone 5/5s cases. There’s a sizable lip around the display, helping to keep the glass off the ground.


Review: Proof Cases Duo for iPhone 5/5s

Review: Proof Cases Duo for iPhone 5/5s

Duo hasn’t changed much since we first saw it, and in some ways, it’s fallen behind the curve compared with the best current-generation iPhone cases. The price is on the low side, and the design is still respectable, but we’d really love to see increased protection with the addition of button coverage, as an example—something to show that Proof Cases is moving forward, and not just resting on its laurels. That said, it’s still a good case, and worthy of our general recommendation. For many users, the extra $5 for the Duo+ version will be worth the neat designs or additional pack-ins.

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Company: Proof Cases


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Compatible: iPhone 5/5s

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