First Look: PropUp LLC PropUp Stand for iPad


In the grand scheme of things, $25 is neither a crazy price for an iPad stand nor even really all that expensive by comparison with other options we’ve tested — PropUp LLC’s new PropUp ($25) stand for the iPad is actually one of the least expensive holders designed specifically for that price. But it’s made entirely from soft black foam with a “fresh from the factory” scent, and sort of dicey in the utility category: left on a flat surface, it’s only capable of keeping an iPad upright in landscape orientation, turning the device into a rocker when it’s turned vertically, and the developer suggests that its ergonomic value comes from the soft gripping your hand can do with the bulging back side. It’s also depicted as a lap holder for the iPad, tilting the device on a different angle when it’s placed on one of your legs, and as a portrait-orientation holder if you’re willing to keep holding it down on a flat surface. Both of its possible “top” sides have the same headphone port hole and recessed surface for using the Sleep/Wake Button, while everything else on the iPad save for the corners and central back are left exposed; PropUp is designed to be used without an iPad case. Even if we’re sort of lukewarm on what’s being offered here for $25, our gut feeling is that the supported usage models may appeal to some users — the chemical smell and inability to stand unassisted in vertical mode are the only really off-putting parts of the product as-is.

First Look: PropUp LLC PropUp Stand for iPad

First Look: PropUp LLC PropUp Stand for iPad

First Look: PropUp LLC PropUp Stand for iPad

First Look: PropUp LLC PropUp Stand for iPad

First Look: PropUp LLC PropUp Stand for iPad

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Company: PropUp LLC


Model: PropUp

Price: $25

Compatible: iPad (2010)

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