Review: Puzzloop by Hudson Soft

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Ah, Puzzloop. We knew you on Click Wheel iPods as Zuma, after PopCap Games took this game—originally developed by Mitchell—gave it a different coat of paint, and released it with Apple for $5.

Review: Puzzloop by Hudson Soft

The concept was interesting: a cannon’s in the center of a spiraling collection of variously colored balls, and you have to shoot balls from the cannon to match up colors before the spiral reaches you. Now the game’s being sold for $8 for the iPhone and iPod touch by Hudson Soft.

Review: Puzzloop by Hudson Soft

Review: Puzzloop by Hudson Soft

Review: Puzzloop by Hudson Soft

The good news: Hudson and Mitchell’s version is a lot more colorful than was Zuma, and this game is a bit more challenging thanks to additional on-screen obstacles, such as flying bats that can block your shots. The bad news: instead of using the comparatively intuitive Click Wheel for control, iPhone and iPod touch users need to touch the screen to rotate the cannon around, which can be a challenge given both the size of the spiral and the way that Hudson has designed the controls to fire a ball when you release your finger from the screen.

Simply trying to move the cannon to make color matches can be a problem since your finger may be overlapping the balls you’re trying to shoot; lifting your finger to check results in a ball being fired anyway. While this port would have been great for the iPhone at a lower price and with different controls, it’s on par with the older iPod version as-is, just for different reasons. iLounge Rating: B-.

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Company: Hudson Soft


Title: Puzzloop

Price: $8

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches