Review: Pyramid Solitaire by Seahorse Software


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Review: Pyramid Solitaire by Seahorse Software

Relatively simple in execution, Pyramid Solitaire ($5) and Pyramid Solitaire Lite (Free) by Seahorse Software are virtually the same game, separated by $5 in cash and a few settings. Seahorse presents the classic Pyramid solitaire game with an interesting mosaic background and Egyptian-styled cards, offering a single pyramid deck in the free version and either one or two pyramids at once in the $5 version. That’s the single biggest change between them; both are based on the concept of starting at the bottom and eliminating sets of cards totaling 13 in value.

Review: Pyramid Solitaire by Seahorse Software

You also get the ability to pick the winning criteria—eliminate all cards or the pyramid only—in the paid version, while the free version doesn’t give you the choice; similarly, you can pick the number of redeals, the direction of the deck draw, and overlap matching in the $5 version. Both Pyramid Solitaire and Pyramid Solitaire Light are silent and otherwise plain. Neither floated our boat, but the Light version is a fine introduction to this particular Solitaire variant given that you can’t (yet) find Pyramid for free elsewhere. We wouldn’t pay $5 for the full version, but give Light a shot if you’re intrigued by the idea of point-matching Solitaire. iLounge Rating – Pyramid Solitaire Lite: C+. iLounge Rating – Pyramid Solitaire: D+.

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Company: Seahorse Software


Title: Pyramid Solitaire

Title: Pyramid Solitaire Lite

Price: $5/Free

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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