Gear Guide: RadTech ClearCal

ClearCal – a set of ultra-thin and super-tough Mylar protective panels which invisibly protect iPod’s finish. ClearCals are easy to apply and remove – can be cleaned and reapplied multiple times with no reduction in performance.

Gear Guide: RadTech ClearCal

ClearCal’s low surface tension adhesive features a healing effect which effectively hides minor surface defects and abrasions.

Highly polished, hard Mylar surface resists scratches and abrasions to keep your iPod looking great for years. A great companion to other iPod cases, and allows docking in Apple’s docks and most third-party dockable accessories.

Precisely fitted for front and back of iPod – windowed for click wheel access.

– Invisible and unobtrusive protection for iPod 5G and nano.
– High quality adhesive stays on film – leaves no residue on iPod.
– Can be removed, cleaned and reapplied several times.
– A great companion to other cases and accessories.
– Available for all nano and 5G iPods.

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