Gear Guide: RadTech Gelz

Gear Guide: RadTech Gelz

Gelz – a form-fitting Silicone protective case for Apple 4G, 5G, mini and nano iPods. Colorful, rugged, stylish and durable for long-lasting protection of your iPod’s elegant finish. Skin-tight case enhances your grip when carrying and handling, and provides good impact protection from bumps and drops. Made from low-tack, medium density Silicone so it won’t attract lint and debris.

– Super tough, form-fitting Silicone case provides protection, without sacrificing useability.
– Fits your iPod like a second skin – provides good bump and drop protection.
– Allows full and optimized control of iPod directly through the sleeve case.
– Available for 4-5G, Photo, U2, mini and nano in several cool colors.
– Made from low-tack Silicone to avoid the ‘fuzzies’.
– Enhances your grip when carrying or handling.

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