Review: RadTech Portectorz Dock Connector Covers

Pros: Silicone rubber covers for your iPod’s Dock Connector port – parts which Apple used to include (in hard plastic) with iPods, but no longer does.

Cons: Only one Portector per $6 package.

One of the least conspicuous omissions from the boxes of fourth-generation iPods was something small and simple: a plastic protector for each iPod’s bottom Dock Connector. Though they had come with every third-generation iPod, Apple stopped including them in its packages, and didn’t publicize either the change or a way to get replacements.

Review: RadTech Portectorz Dock Connector Covers

Now RadTech has released Portectorz, which is in fact a series of clear silicone rubber stoppers for the ports on various computers and electronic devices. There’s an iPod version ($6) virtually identical to Apple’s hard plastic part, and it’s no surprise that it fits perfectly on the bottoms of all Dock Connector-equipped iPods – it extends just out to the front and back edges of the iPod nano. And it’s made in Japan from the sort of quality silicone we’ve seen in good iPod cases, so it won’t scratch the polished metal bottom surface of a full-sized iPod.

Review: RadTech Portectorz Dock Connector Covers

What’s the advantage of such a product? You can toss your iPod into a pocket with many open-bottomed cases with less fear of Dock Connector damage, or have added protection in the event that you’re worried about moisture getting in when you’re outdoors. Portectorz act as a virtual seal with the outside world.

Review: RadTech Portectorz Dock Connector Covers

The only shock is the price. They’re $6 each, which is a lot to pay for a single tiny little piece of rubber like this. If there were three in a package, we’d have no hesitation recommending these to our readers: readers have requested these covers ever since they were removed from Apple’s packages, in part because people lose them so easily. Apple used to include two with every iPod, just in case. But now people have gotten used to not having them, and the idea of paying $6 each for them seems a bit silly. As-is, Portectorz qualify only for a limited recommendation – they’re only right for those few people who really, really need them.

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Company: RadTech


Model: Portectorz

Price: $6

Compatible: All Dock Connector iPods

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