Gear Guide: Rambler Audio Phrase Books


Rambler was designed with the intent of helping new and seasoned travelers pick up the nuances of pronunciation and basic phrases for languages in a short period of time. 

The Rambler audio phrase books are priced at $19.95 separately, and $49.95 for four languages.  Each phrase book includes over 900 words and phrases recorded by a native speaker, as well as a printable PDF of popular sites and attractions for major cities in each country.  Each language is interactive and organized into categories such as travel, food, and lodging to make the search process easier, and is designed to help travelers find the word or phrase they need through two clicks on their iPods.  Each phrase book varies in size, and the largest is 80MB.  Rambler is compatible with Mac OS X 10.2, Windows 2000 or XP, iPod (dock connector and click wheel models), iPod mini or iPod nano.

– Over 900 words and phrases
– Multiple languages on your iPod
– Organized for ease of use
– PDFs included of all words and phrases as well as popular destinations

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