Review: Rokform RokBed v3 for iPhone 5c

The latest in Rokform’s line of mountable cases is RokBed v3 for iPhone 5c ($39). Sharing an aesthetic with the protectors that have come before it, the main feature that differentiates the line is the bracket on the back. It allows the case to be mounted on a wide number of accessories, including the car dash mount that comes in package. A single pre-moistened screen wipe is also included, while a wide range of accessories, including windshield mounts and tripod adapters, can be purchased separately.

Review: Rokform RokBed v3 for iPhone 5c

Like the iPhone 5/5s edition of Rokform’s case, RokBed v3 is primarily made of hard plastic molded into a militaristic design, and is a slider with a bottom cap that comes off for installation and removal. It’s just the two pieces though, lacking the rubber frame and button protection we appreciated in our last review. Instead, somewhat wider than average holes leave the exterior buttons exposed, while there are individual openings for the headphone port and microphone, Lightning port, and speaker. Despite the mic being about half covered, there’s no effect on voice quality.


Review: Rokform RokBed v3 for iPhone 5c

Review: Rokform RokBed v3 for iPhone 5c

RokBed v3, like most of Rokform’s products, offers two different ways to mount to the accessory lineup. First, there’s the large circle opening over the Apple logo. It uses a locking bracket system to attach to mounts, but can be filled in with an included plastic piece for fuller protection when the system is not in use. Right below that, there’s room on the inside of the case for a small magnet, which can be used in conjunction with the company’s Magnetic Car Mount.


Review: Rokform RokBed v3 for iPhone 5c

Review: Rokform RokBed v3 for iPhone 5c

Although it costs $10 less than the iPhone 5/5s case, RokBed v3 earns a slightly lower limited recommendation. There are some upsides, like the ability to easily cover up the Apple logo, but you lose some of the pack-ins, including screen film, the magnet, and of course, the rubber frame. Compared to the iPhone 5/5s case, it’s not as good overall, although the ecosystem is still pretty cool, and there are certainly some iPhone 5c users who will appreciate the setup.

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