Review: RooCase Gelledge for iPhone 6


RooCase’s Gelledge ($30) case for iPhone 6 provides full, lightweight device protection at a low price point. Unlike other similar cases that feature a snap-on front cover, Gelledge uses a clear plastic snap-on piece to cover the back of the iPhone 6 — the device is initially inserted into a case that’s equivalent to a thin, flexible bumper with a thin plastic film attached to cover the phone’s screen. Though the implementation may be different, the overall effect once in use is that of a light case with button coverage and port protection — small tabs can be pulled back to access the Lightning and headphone ports.

Review: RooCase Gelledge for iPhone 6

Review: RooCase Gelledge for iPhone 6
Review: RooCase Gelledge for iPhone 6
Review: RooCase Gelledge for iPhone 6

While Gelledge fits well and offers nearly complete protection of an iPhone 6 — there are only open holes for the Touch ID, ringer switch, and rear camera — the material is so lightweight that we’re not sure how it will stand up to a high drop on a hard surface. The case shouldn’t be confused with any heavy-duty options, but it does offer some degree of protection, and the button coverage is nice and responsive. Gelledge is a light case that shows off the iPhone 6 in full, and it earns our general recommendation.

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Company: RooCase

Model: Gelledge

Price: $30

Compatible: iPhone 6

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