Preview: Roxio Popcorn 2

This new Universal Binary format video disc duplication and conversion program allows Macintosh owners to transfer the contents of a video file or DVD to another DVD, or onto an iPod, PSP, or similar device.

Using a simplified version of the interface from Toast (the company’s disc-burning software), Popcorn 2 asks you to insert a disc or choose a video file, then allows you to convert or copy it with minimal additional interaction – unless you want to dive into file size and quality settings.

Preview: Roxio Popcorn 2

You can even shrink 9GB dual-layer DVDs down to 4.7GB single-layer size, or import files directly into iTunes for easy syncing to your iPod.

The only problems: like many other utilities of its type, it can’t do anything with commercial DVDs unless another program has de-encrypted them, and its importation of video file formats isn’t quite universal.


Preview: Roxio Popcorn 2

Preview: Roxio Popcorn 2

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Company and Price

Company: Roxio


Model: Popcorn 2

Price: $50

Compatible: Mac/iPod 5G