Review: Safe v1.1 by phnsft


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Review: Safe v1.1 by phnsft

Safe ($6) is an offering with a reasonably polished user interface and a fixed set of non-customizable item types. Safe can be used to store credit cards, financial accounts, user accounts/passwords and general notes. No field customization is available, and all existing pre-defined fields are generic text with no contextually-appropriate data entry or validation.

Safe attempts to enforce tighter security by insisting that you use a password of at least eight characters, however this is not user-configurable in any way and is a feature that some users will no doubt find annoying, particularly on a portable device such as the iPhone.


Review: Safe v1.1 by phnsft

A basic single-level folder hierarchy is available to organize your items, and one of four icons may be assigned, which are labeled private, business, favorites and top priority. However in reality these labels do not appear to correspond to anything other than merely being suggestions.


Review: Safe v1.1 by phnsft

One slightly unique feature that Safe offers is that if you forget your password you can delete all of your data from the main password entry screen and start over without having to actually remove and reinstall the application. But that’s pretty much it. For the $6 asking price, Safe does not offer much more than its appearance; it’s a nice-looking application that is all style and very little substance. iLounge Rating: C-.

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Company: phnsft


Title: Safe

Price: $6

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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