Review: Scosche kickBACK T4 for iPod touch 4G

Scosche’s kickBACK T4 for iPod touch 4G ($30) is a good example of a case that got just about everything right: its overall value proposition is very close to Speck’s CandyShell, a case that we have highly recommended and really liked, and it includes a built-in stand, as well. The few faults it does have are very small, and it’s certainly the best iPod touch 4G case we’ve seen from Scosche.

Review: Scosche kickBACK T4 for iPod touch 4G

KickBACK utilizes a combination of rubber and plastic to provide an impressive level of protection. The inner layer is all soft rubber; this material extends out to the edges to form a lip, and also covers the volume and Sleep/Wake buttons. Most of the case’s exterior is finished with a layer of hard plastic. Just as in CandyShell, we really like the blend of the two components, and the mix is very well-executed here. An included screen protector adds even more protection, and then there’s the fold-out kickstand in the back, which allows for hands-free landscape viewing. It’s thin, but sturdy enough and supports multiple angles. You do need finger nails to get it out though.


Review: Scosche kickBACK T4 for iPod touch 4G

Review: Scosche kickBACK T4 for iPod touch 4G

We do have a few very small reservations about the case. The first regards coverage of the Sleep/Wake button: although it’s still fully usable, quite a bit more force is required to press it. The volume buttons also require more pressure than they do when they’re bare, but not as much. Otherwise, the only other fault is also a tiny one: the bottom is a bit more open than it could be, a problem we acknowledged in our review of CandyShell as well. Some material along the bottom edge or between the speaker, Dock Connector port, and headphone port would have pushed kickBACK to an ultra-high level of protection. It does, however, fit in Universal Docks, which is a plus.


Review: Scosche kickBACK T4 for iPod touch 4G

Review: Scosche kickBACK T4 for iPod touch 4G

In short, kickBACK T4 is a pretty great case: we really like how cleanly the rubber and plastic layers were implemented, and the fold-out stand is a nice touch. Scosche was even smarter to include a screen protector, as the overall package feels very aggressively priced at $30. If you’re looking for a nice iPod touch 4G case, particularly if substantial protection and a stand are amongst your list of wants, kickBACK T4 should be high on your list.

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Company: Scosche


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Compatible: iPod touch 4G

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