Review: sebNews by Sebastian Schimansky

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sebNews ($4) is a fairly simple RSS reader. The main feeds view offers users an edit button for deletion of feeds, a button to view all unread items, a refresh button, a list of feeds, a “problem” button that lets users reinstall the app’s database should they experience difficulties, and an add feed button. Users may add feeds by entering a URL (feed auto-discovery is offered) or by selecting a site from their Safari bookmarks — a smart option. Tapping on a feed brings up a list of entries listed in small text. Buttons at the bottom allow the user to select all or unread items, mark all items as read, delete feed items or the entire feed, and refresh, while a search button at the top lets users search the feed for a particular word, a feature that is carried over into the main unread items view.

Review: sebNews by Sebastian Schimansky

Review: sebNews by Sebastian Schimansky

In the individual item view, the date and title are listed below the navigation bar, with the summary underneath and a row of buttons on the bottom for previewing the entry in the built-in browser, opening it in Safari, or closing the entry and returning to the prior view. A menu in the iPhone’s Settings app offers toggles for showing feeds that have already been read, and for autorefreshing of feeds. The application offers no syncing options, no offline browsing, and no flagging, all features that would be appreciated in a reader app that costs $4. It’s not necessarily bad, but it’s not outstanding in any way, and with better options available for less money, it falls short of our recommendation. iLounge Rating: C-.

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Company: Sebastian Schimansky

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Title: sebNews

Price: $4

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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