Review: SecureNotes v1.0 by Triple Creeks Studio

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SecureNotes ($7) is a free-form application designed to securely store free-form notes, and appears to have been designed as a secure replacement for the iPhone’s built-in “Notes” application, right down to the yellow background and Marker Felt font choice.

Review: SecureNotes v1.0 by Triple Creeks Studio

Like the iPhone’s own Notes app, this one is relatively straightforward: you assign a password, log in, and create notes. The only additional feature is the ability to categorize your notes, and categories can be added and removed, however existing categories cannot be renamed.


Review: SecureNotes v1.0 by Triple Creeks Studio

Existing notes can be sent out via e-mail in the same way as the built-in iPhone notes app, and a search feature is available, but this unfortunately only searches note titles and not content—an odd omission when you consider that the layout simply uses the first line of each note as the title, rather than a separate “Title” field.

As a simple secure note-keeping app, this works reasonably well, but seems a bit pricey for what you’re actually getting in the package. iLounge Rating: C.


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Company: Triple Creeks Studio


Title: SecureNotes

Price: $7

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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