Gear Guide: SeepuStar DV230

Haider Ali Khan
By Haider Ali Khan  - Editor-in-Chief

The sleek and stylish SeepuStar DV230 wearable display is the perfect compliment to your portable video player.

Why view your favourite movies on a small screen ? The SeepuStar DV230 allows you to watch movies on a virtual 35” screen.

Plus, it is light weight and can be carried easily wherever you go.

Enjoy high quality digital, flicker free videos that is bright and breathtakingly clear. Image a home theatre experience that fits in your pocket ! The two enhanced definition displays give you a theatre experience that is personal and portable.

To ensure maximum comfort while using the SeepuStar DV 230, three sizes of nose pads are included.

Also, the display is adjustable and can be tilted up or down to provide the optimum viewing angle. The arms have been designed to be very flexible and will fit virtually any head size.

You have even wear the SeepuStar DV230 with prescription glasses.

Capable of connecting to virtually any mobile or home video source, use it with your DVD player, A/V cell phone, multi-media player, game console or iPod Video.

Virtual Display Size: 35 inches, 2m away
Resoluton : 320*240 (220,000 pixels -QVGA), full colour
Video Signal : Auto-selecting PAL or NTSC.
Power Consumption : <450mW
Lithium Battery : 6-8 Hours playback
Audio : Built-in stereo speakers
Included Accessories:
Viewer Controller, Lithium Ion Polymer 750mAh battery, AC Power Adapter, Audio/Video Cables, RCA Barrel Cable, Nose Bridges, USB Charging cable and user’s manual.

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By Haider Ali Khan Editor-in-Chief
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