Review: Seidio Obex for iPhone 6


Seidio’s Obex ($80) is back for iPhone 6, and the case is still built to be everything-proof, most notably waterproof — it’s IP68 rated, meaning it can withstand being submerged underwater for 30 minutes at 6.6 feet (2m) deep. The fully protective case also claims military standard drop protection. Obex has changed slightly since we last saw it for iPhone 5, and most of those minor design changes have been for the better. The case comes with a waterproof headphone adapter, as well.

Review: Seidio Obex for iPhone 6

Review: Seidio Obex for iPhone 6

There’s no longer a latch at the bottom of Obex covering its ports — this is now done more simply with rubber port protectors, which makes both the headphone and Lightning ports more easily accessible. We conducted the recommended waterproof test, submerging Obex underwater without an iPhone for more than five minutes, and the case emerged still dry inside. Compared to the iPhone 5 version of Obex, it was easier to tell that the case had a secure fit this time around.

There are still a few issues with Obex, however. As before, sound is still muffled a bit — which isn’t unexpected from a waterproof case — and the Touch ID cover doesn’t always read properly, making unlocking the iPhone a bit tricky at times. There were also issues with the ringer switch on Obex — we tried installing the phone into the case a few times without success before getting the switch to work properly. Even then, returning to the phone the next day, we found the ringer switch somehow inoperable again when the case was on.

Review: Seidio Obex for iPhone 6
Review: Seidio Obex for iPhone 6

Though we like the updated look of Seidio’s Obex when compared to the last model we reviewed, the case still has some issues during use. Sound issues are to be expected in a waterproof case, but more can be demanded of Obex’s Touch ID cover and ringer switch protection. Though Obex is a sturdy waterproof iPhone 6 case at a fair price, we’ve got enough questions with its everyday functionality to only offer a limited recommendation.

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