Review: Sena Cases Magnetic Florence for iPad (3rd-Gen)

With the release of the third-generation iPad, case manufacturers had to decide between coming out with completely new cases, or reissuing models that they had previously introduced for the similarly-shaped iPad 2; some chose to do both. Today we’re looking at a number of options that are rereleases of cases we’ve previously reviewed. Some are almost identical to their predecessors, while others have undergone changes but maintain the same name. These are all folio-style cases, with either a reinforced shell or frame structure to hold the tablet in place, and a front lid that offers protection and stand functionality. This review is focused on Sena Cases’ Magnetic Florence ($80), specifically designed for the new iPad; see our review of the original here for in-depth details.

Review: Sena Cases Magnetic Florence for iPad (3rd-Gen)

Review: Sena Cases Magnetic Florence for iPad (3rd-Gen)

Review: Sena Cases Magnetic Florence for iPad (3rd-Gen)

Review: Sena Cases Magnetic Florence for iPad (3rd-Gen)

Inside and out, the leather folio is pretty similar to its predecessor with a thin, taper-hugging iPad holder and the ability to transform into a stand by tucking the front cover under a flap on the back of the case. The frame around the bezel has been slightly redesigned, with a scoop for the camera and light sensor where there was previously just a hole. We found that the material rests a bit flatter against the glass, which improves the overall aesthetic. The biggest difference here comes down to magnets. Not only have they been repositioned to lock and unlock the new iPad’s display much more reliably than before, but they’re also strong enough to hold the lid shut, eliminating the need for the awkward corner-tuck mechanism on the original. When we reviewed the prior version of Florence, it earned a B-. Thanks to the improved magnet setup in this one, including its use to keep the lid shut, Magnetic Florence is worthy of our general recommendation.

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Company: Sena Cases


Model: Magnetic Florence

Price: $80

Compatible: iPad (3rd-Gen)

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