Review: SendStation earBuddy

Review: SendStation earBuddy 1

Pros: A highly attractive, resilient earbud protector for Apple’s packed-in earbuds, conveniently doubling as a keychain, and available in two nice color options. Great build quality with nice zipper. The best-looking earbud protector we’ve seen to date.

Cons: Price is almost the same as buying a pair of replacement earbuds.

It’s the nicest iPod earbud holder we’ve seen. It’s also the most expensive. Available in two different color patterns – orange and silver or all black – SendStation’s earBuddy ($15) lets you wrap your Apple buds up in a convenient, highly attractive ballistic nylon enclosure that’s safe for travel or daily carrying.

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Review: SendStation earBuddy 3

A nice zipper closes the unit, and a custom-made ABS plastic insert inside makes winding your earbuds very easy. We were highly impressed by the build quality and feel of the design, which has the right combination of strength, looks, and texture to make your earbuds feel safe no matter what you’re doing. And thanks to a metal keyring, earBuddy can also serve as a keychain on its own, or attach to your existing keychain. This is a smart design touch that distinguishes this earbud holder from others we’ve seen, such as Audio Outfitters’ larger earPod.

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Not surprisingly, our only reservation on earBuddy is pricing. The $15 asking price is higher than it should be – set at a retailer- but not consumer-friendly premium – and we wouldn’t be surprised if some people scoffed at paying almost as much for this protector as they would for a replacement pair of earbuds. That it comes with one free iTunes Music Store download will not likely be a major incentive to buy it, either, but it’s a welcome offset. Price aside, we were swayed to make a general B-level recommendation – it would have been higher at a lower price – since we legitimately like the look, feel, and utility of earBuddy enough to use it ourselves. We’ve identified other earbud protecting options in our Reviews section, but price aside, this is definitely the best-designed one we’ve yet seen.

Our Rating


Company and Price

Company: SendStation


Model: earBuddy

Price: $15

Compatible: All iPods

  1. Could you comment on how it works with other earbuds – particularly the Sony MDR-EX51/71s? I’d consider getting this, but I’m not sure how well my Sony’s would fit…

  2. I’d also be curious to see how they work with other brands of earbuds.

    Personally, $15 is NOT too much if you have a GOOD pair of earbuds. I have a pair of Etymotic ER4s and ER6is I got for my girlfriend.

    I carry the ER4s in my pack to use with my PowerBook. The case they come with is a cheesy padded faux leather sleeve. My girlfriend wraps the cord of her ER6is around her iPod mini. I dread either pair getting crunched, flopping around in our respective packs.

    The earBuddy looks cool and seems as though it would protect our ‘buds pretty well.

  3. Okay. I bought 2.

    As far as fitting 3d party earbuds…
    The Etymotic ER4s DO NOT fit.
    The ER6is fit, but it’s tight and a pain getting them in.

    So, in order to make a bit more room for the ER6is, I cut out the center dividers of the inner plastic orange cup with a sharp chisel. Now the ER6is fit much better, the ER4s still don’t.

    There’s still quite a bit of winding involved in order to get everything to fit inside, so I’d not use this on the run.

    They’re really nicely made, quite small and were too cute to pass up for gifts.

  4. The Cerulean XLRs fit reasonably well. The buds are a bit of a tight fit and the cord doesn’t wrap around as well because of the different length for the right bud. But it’s certainly usable.

    Overall, I’m happy with it, though it’s a bit bigger than I expected. Seems a bit too big to make a god keychain, but you could add a clip and hook it to a belt-loop.

  5. This case was TERRIBLE. Within the three minutes I had it, the zipper broke, and the small spool in which you wrap the cord around came off the case itself. I will be returning this, with a large complaint.

    For the record, I bought the black one.

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