Review: SendStation PocketDock

Pros: Simple and cost effective solution. Keep the old accessories and get a PocketDock.

Cons: None.

When Apple removed the standard FireWire port and opted for a proprietary connector on the bottom of its 3rd generation iPods, our readers wondered they were going to use their 1st and 2nd generation accessories when upgrading to the 3G iPod. At first, users were out of luck, but then came along a German company with a simple adaptor to allow the use of older generation accessories with new 3G iPods. As they say, good things come in small packages, and the PocketDock adapter is no exception.

Review: SendStation PocketDock

Now you can charge or sync your iPod using a standard FireWire cable or charge your 3G iPod using older generation in-car power adapters. The PocketDock saves you from having to upgrade to new accessories and has quickly become one of my many must have gadgets when going mobile with my iPod – so simple, yet so versatile. Instead of buying an extra proprietary cable from Apple, now you can get a PocketDock and use any standard FireWire cable as a second set for charging and syncing at the office or anywhere you like.

Review: SendStation PocketDock

Review: SendStation PocketDock

I tested the PocketDock with various FireWire cables, Apple’s iPod wall adapter and several auto chargers by Belkin, XtremeMac and Griffin and it worked flawlessly. I even restored (erased and formatted) my iPod and re-synced all my music from iTunes to iPod without a hitch. The PocketDock is the tiny adapter that could, can and has.

If you’re an iPod user with a 3G iPod and own 1G and 2G accessories using FireWire, get a PocketDock and don’t waste money buying new accessories.

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Company: SendStation Systems


Model: PocketDock

Price: $18.95

Compatible: iPod 3G, 4G, iPod mini, iPod photo

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