Described as a “Docking eTurntable,” Sergio USA’s iSpin ($140) is a dual iPod-docking mixer with an included headset and the ability to modestly process two iPods’ music prior to outputting it to speakers. By default, one iPod’s output goes to the left speaker, while the other iPod’s goes to the right, and a cross-fader lets you adjust their balance relative to each other. A dial for reverb or flange lets you add or remove those effects, while a low pass or high pass filter dial compresses the audio signal, and a spin dial in the middle adds scratch-like sound effects. One switch lets you toggle the reverb and low pass on, or the flange and high pass on, while the spin dial remains the same; another switch toggles the headphones between mix and cue channels, while another lets you switch the mic on or off. Sergio’s headset includes earphones and a microphone, enabling you to hear the music as it’s playing and add your own “C’mon, y’alls” to the beats. Silver on white and red on black (shown) versions are available.


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Company: Sergio USA


Model: iSpin

Price: $140

Compatible: iPod 3G, 4G, 5G, mini, nano, shuffle*