Gear Guide: SiK FireJuice Firewire Power Injector


Gear Guide: SiK FireJuice Firewire Power Injector

SiK’s patented multi-mode FireWire power injector makes it possible to use bus-powered devices on computers with un-powered FireWire ports.  For use with Apple iPod Power Adapter, SiK imp, SiK Auto Adapter | iPod or other power source with 6-pin FireWire port or connector.  Provides additional functionality for various FireWire devices including Apple iPod, SmartDisk FireFly and many more… compatible with Mac OS, Windows, Linux and all other operating systems that support FireWire (iLink or IEEE 1394.)

  • 6-pin 18” FireWire cable to device

  • 6-pin OR 4-pin 4’ 6” FireWire cable to computer

  • 6-pin FireWire port for power source*

  • device power indicator

  • input power indicator

  • mode switch

  • slim-type FireWire cables

  • isolate iPod from other bus-powered devices, so it doesn’t unmount unexpectedly

  • mount iPod without charging/powering it (especially handy with ‘Books)

  • reboot iPod without unplugging (i.e. use as MP3 player while still plugged in to FireWire port. this is an “unsupported” feature, but we find it handy

  • good for drives like FireFly, so you can turn them off without unplugging

  • works as an ordinary FireWire cable too

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    Company: SiK
    Model: SiK FireJuice Firewire Power Injector
    List Price: $20.99-$39.99

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