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Review: Simple Tip Calc by Uncouth Software

Also called iTip on the iPhone’s home screen, Simple Tip Calc (Free) from Uncouth Software is, as its name would suggest, an extremely minimal application. Its black and white one-screen interface offers fields for entry of the bill total and tip percentage; hitting a large “show me the money” button calculates the tip amount and grand total, which appear below the button. Unfortunately, that’s it: there are no check splitting features, no way to add tax, and no frills on the interface, which is quite amateurish. A complete redesign and the inclusion of the above features would go a long way to better this application, which is currently only demo-quality software. iLounge Rating: D.

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Company and Price

Company: Uncouth Software

Website: N/A

Title: Simple Tip Calc

Price: Free

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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