Simplism’s Leather Sleeve Case for iPad ($30) is an update to its case of the same name that was released roughly a year ago. This one fits all three iPads, though, and has a couple of other differences: the front pocket has been removed, and an elastic closure system has been added. The band wraps around a roughly cut circle of black material to keep the tablet in place. On the blue and cream versions, it’s particularly noticeable against the single-colored sleeve. Inside, the case is lined with soft material that prevents the iPad from being scratched.

Review: Simplism Leather Sleeve Case for iPad

Review: Simplism Leather Sleeve Case for iPad

Review: Simplism Leather Sleeve Case for iPad

It’s worth noting that Simplism uses the term “leather” pretty liberally here, as the material is really a polyurethane faux leather. Given the name, people would and should expect to get the real deal, although we wouldn’t expect to be able to find it at this price. The company shouldn’t have removed the pocket, as it was one differentiating factor in a sea of similar sleeves. This current version no longer has anything special to offer, and nothing that makes it stick out from the crowd. It’s pretty much the definition of “OK,” taking no risks and earning no reward.

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Company: Simplism


Model: Leather Sleeve Case

Price: $30

Compatible: All iPads

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