Review: Skech Fabric Flipper for iPad (3rd-Gen)

Not surprisingly, the release of the third-generation iPad was followed by quite a few case re-releases, including many that are exceptionally similar to those we’ve previously covered. A majority of the updated cases are folios, designs that start with either a hard shell or soft frame to hold the tablet, with a flip-over cover attached to the frame. Most of these folios have a lot in common with one another, and range in price from $40 to a little over $60, with one notable outlier. In order to give you a sense of what’s out there now, we’re publishing brief reviews of over a dozen of these folios today.

Review: Skech Fabric Flipper for iPad (3rd-Gen)

Review: Skech Fabric Flipper for iPad (3rd-Gen)

Plenty of companies have attempted to copy the functionally of Apple’s Smart Cover, and most such attempts have been integrated into folio-style cases. Skech’s Fabric Flipper for the third-generation iPad ($45) is one of the more recent, and it actually comes as close to properly replicating Apple’s magnetic sectioned lid as we’ve seen. The back piece of the case leaves a little bit to be desired; it’s a pretty standard fabric-coated shell with a long opening that exposes the iPad’s top edge. We found the fit to be a little tighter than many of the other folios specifically designed for the iPad 3, and because it’s not hard plastic, there’s not the same “click” to ensure it’s in place. The openings are sized correctly, but somewhat roughly shaped.


Review: Skech Fabric Flipper for iPad (3rd-Gen)

Review: Skech Fabric Flipper for iPad (3rd-Gen)

Compare the front to the Smart Cover, however, and you’ll find it to be almost identical. Broken down into the same four segments, it folds into a triangle for typing and viewing stands. The magnets are actually strong enough to hold the triangular shape, which is a surprisingly rare feature from third party clones. Thankfully, they’ve also been positioned correctly to lock and unlock the new iPad. While it’s physically a little rough around the edges, we appreciate that Skech came as close to the Smart Cover as it did and added in almost-complete back protection for only $6 more than Apple charges for the less expensive version of its lid alone. It’s a pretty darn good case, and also better than we’ve come to expect from Skech, making it worthy of a strong general recommendation.

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Company: Skech


Model: Fabric Flipper

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Compatible: iPad (3rd-Gen)

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