Review: Skech Flipper for iPad Air


Coming from Skech, Flipper for iPad Air ($40) is a lot like the company’s earlier Fabric Flipper for the previous iPad, and is yet another example of a full case at the same price as Apple’s iPad Air Smart Cover, with similar features. As you may guess from the changed name, the big difference in Skech models is the material that makes up the three-sectioned lid/stand: instead of fabric, Flipper uses polyurethane.

Review: Skech Flipper for iPad Air

Review: Skech Flipper for iPad Air

Not unusual for cases of this kind, Flipper’s shell is hard plastic, but with a soft rubber finish, which is more pleasant to touch than glossy plastic can be. Six different color options are listed, with the material extending to not only the lid, but the shell as well. There’s no button coverage, but the cutouts are relatively tight without limiting access. We noticed that the rear camera opening was slightly off center, although it’s not enough to actually obscure the lens in any way. Because it can sometimes be hard to get under the lid to lift it off the iPad’s face, Skech left a gap in the plastic to provide access. It’s longer than we think is necessary, leaving too much aluminum exposed; there are better ways to handle the feature.


Review: Skech Flipper for iPad Air

In almost every way expect for materials, the lid matches the Smart Cover. Its three columns are roughly the same width, and they fold the same way, forming a triangular stand that can be used for viewing or typing. All of its magnets work properly, including holding the stand’s shape, and locking and unlocking the iPad Air’s display.


Review: Skech Flipper for iPad Air

Review: Skech Flipper for iPad Air

CaseCrown’s Omni comes in at $5 less than Flipper, and is a slightly stronger option, offering just a bit more protection in an otherwise similar design. That’s why Flipper comes in at a lower B+ rating, earning our strong general recommendation. It’s still a very good deal for the price, and the wraparound color options are an advantage. Button protection, and a better implementation of the divot for lid access, would boost this one up to a higher level.

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Company: Skech


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Compatible: iPad Air

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