Review: Skech Glow for iPhone 5/5s


Glow ($25) is the latest of Skech’s cases for the iPhone 5 and 5s, and like so many others, it uses a co-molded rubber and plastic construction. This one’s a little bit different than some though, with a hard glossy back panel and edge protector in line with the soft body of the case. It comes in seven color combinations, but despite the name, Glow doesn’t actually glow.

Review: Skech Glow for iPhone 5/5s

Review: Skech Glow for iPhone 5/5s

What Glow actually does is protect the iPhone impressively well for a $25 case. Not only does it include thorough rear and side protection, but the lip around the screen and the button coverage are both spot-on, with the latter offering full tactility. Along the bottom edge, Skech chose to go with a design that straddles the two most common options. There’s not one opening, and there aren’t three tightly tailored holes. Instead, there are two small square openings — one around the headphone port, the other over the speaker — plus a longer rectangular one in-between. It’s just large enough to fit Apple’s Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter.


Review: Skech Glow for iPhone 5/5s

Review: Skech Glow for iPhone 5/5s

Glow is simple, but it’s a very nice case and earns our high recommendation. It’s $10 cheaper than a CandyShell from Speck, while offering most of the same features, but falling a little short on design. The smooth plastic and rubber combination feels good, looks good, and comes in enough color combinations that it should please anyone. Add to that the high level of protection, and it’s a smart choice.

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Company: Skech


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