Review: Skech GripShock for iPhone 5

Silicone rubber and soft plastic cases are not only some of the simplest cases available for iPhones, but they’re also among the most pervasive — inexpensive to produce yet sold at $20-$25 prices similar to more advanced cases. Here we’re taking a look at a large collection of options that have arrived following the launch of the iPhone 5. The cases include Bone Collection’s Phone Bubble 5 ($25) and Phone Cube 5 ($25), Jugar ($25) from The Joy Factory, Origo from Moshi ($25), Scosche’s glosSEE ($20), Skech’s GripShock ($20) and Groove ($25), and finally XtremeMac’s Tuffwrap ($23). Some are especially plain, while others have distinguishing features that make them worth a second look.

Review: Skech GripShock for iPhone 5

Review: Skech GripShock for iPhone 5

GripShock is a surprisingly nice case from Skech. Available in pink, purple, black, or blue, and bundled with a screen film set, it’s a simple yet well-designed option. The rubber case hits all the points we expect from the style: easy installation and removal, protective lip, and button coverage. This one actually has the most thoroughly protected bottom edge in this group, with tight openings around the speaker, Lightning port, microphone, and headphone port; they’re not so small that they prevent accessory connections, however. The woven texture on the back of the case is a nice design that helps GripShock stand out a little bit in a crowd with so many similar options. Our only real complaint comes from the loss of Sleep/Wake button tactility. The rubber prevents you from feeling the button being pressed, but doesn’t otherwise hinder its use.


Review: Skech GripShock for iPhone 5

Review: Skech GripShock for iPhone 5

Of the cases considered here, XtremeMac’s Tuffwrap is our favorite. It’s a combination of all the style’s best features, plus a truly nice design on the back, resulting in a very nice case and earning our strong general recommendation. GripShock is on the same level. Although we’re not as fond of the Sleep/Wake button coverage, the case is quite nice looking and features the closest tailoring on the bottom edge of any iPhone 5 case we’ve yet seen. The screen inclusion of screen film is also appreciated. Despite its confusing pricing, GlosSEE earns our general recommendation. It’s a bit thicker than the others, button tactility is an issue, and it’s otherwise plain looking, but when purchased at the two for $20 rate, it’s hard to go wrong. Phone Bubble 5 warrants a B- mostly for its distinctive look. It’s not for everyone, but the case is protective and the cute Home button covers will certainly appeal to some. We just wish the material felt a bit less cheap. Groove earns the same rating; especially compared to GripShock it just isn’t as nice of a case as some of the others. And so does Origo, which could easily have been an highly recommended case if it wasn’t so squishy. The Joy Factory’s Jugar is so plain that it doesn’t justify its $25 price, even though it’s OK otherwise and the shutter button is kind of cool. It earns a C+ rating. Finally there’s Phone Cube 5. Of all the cases reviewed here, it looks and feels the cheapest. You do get screen film and a a wrist strap with it, but they don’t justify the price. As such it deserves a flat C.

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Company: Skech


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