First Look: Skech Trax for iPhone 4/4S

Newly debuted by case maker Skech at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Trax for iPhone 4/4S ($TBD) is a flip-open style case — a design that we’ve noted many times before is far less than ideal. But Trax stands out from the crowd because of the material Skech used: rather than traditional plastics or rubbers, the exterior is composed of recycled bicycle tires, making each case somewhat unique, like Better Energy’s Tread cases for iPods. The inside is lined with soft felt to help prevent scratching, and there are credit card slots inside the flap. While it is interesting, don’t get too excited about it yet; we haven’t been able to actually find a place to buy the case online, and Skech doesn’t offer direct sales of any of its products.

First Look: Skech Trax for iPhone 4/4S

First Look: Skech Trax for iPhone 4/4S

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Company: Skech


Model: Trax

Price: $TBD

Compatible: iPhone 4/4S

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