Review: Smarterflo Smarter Stand


Sold in ten different colors, Smarterflo’s Smarter Stand ($13) is a soft plastic, rubbery earphone cable manager that doubles as a video viewing stand for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s from the designer behind the Smart Cover Smarter Stand accessory. You’re supposed to use it with the latest thin Apple earphone plugs, which fit inside a recess within the bone-shaped stand, then connect to your iPhone or iPod touch as shown in the photo here. It has enough space to wrap the cables around multiple times, and then keep the earbuds themselves within the center for storage.

Review: Smarterflo Smarter Stand

Review: Smarterflo Smarter Stand

Review: Smarterflo Smarter Stand

Review: Smarterflo Smarter Stand

Smarter Stand works with your iPhone in or out of a case—Smarterflo says any protector up to 3mm thick—and holds the handset in landscape orientation around 45° off the ground. It can stay attached to the bottom of your device when not in use, or be tossed in a bag separately, but does require EarPods to be attached for use. And, really, that’s about it. It’s a simple accessory, but multifunctional and inexpensive. Not everyone needs Smarter Stand, but it won’t break the bank to have one on hand as an accessory. We can generally recommend it.

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Company: Smarterflo


Model: Smarter Stand

Price: $13

Compatible: Apple EarPods

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