Review: Solitaire CAO by Mike Orr

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Though we don’t like to harp on how much demo-quality software there is in the App Store at this point, Solitaire CAO ($5) by Mike Orr is a poster child for this problem; it looks like something you’d see on a Windows shareware site. To its credit, it presents Klondike in vertical mode, allowing you to choose from several backgrounds and types of cards, changing both their fronts and backs.

Review: Solitaire CAO by Mike Orr

Review: Solitaire CAO by Mike Orr

While it plays a fine game of Klondike, the art, especially in the backgrounds, is really rough and amateurish. There are four mediocre backgrounds, 12 so-so card backs, and a large card icon graphic mode so you can see cards better. As with some of the other so-so Solitaire titles we’ve seen, the interface doesn’t involve dragging or other gestures, and instead relies only on tapping, which isn’t great. Once again, our objection to demo-quality games like this isn’t so much that they exist in the App Store, but that people are trying to charge $5 for them; you can do better for free. iLounge Rating: D.


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Company: Mike Orr

Website: N/A

Title: Solitaire CAO

Price: $5

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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