Review: Solitaire Top 3 by PosiMotion


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Review: Solitaire Top 3 by PosiMotion

As the final game in today’s Solitaire roundup, PosiMotion’s Solitaire Top 3 ($4) is one of the most oddly developed Solitaire titles for the iPhone. While it includes three games, Klondike, Freecell, and Spider, it does something we haven’t yet seen in another iPhone title: it actually boots up in vertical mode with a partial view of the cards, presenting you with a screen that makes you think that part of the table isn’t there.

Review: Solitaire Top 3 by PosiMotion

If you want a full vertical view of the cards, you need to manually adjust the zoom level with an on-screen zoom slider—apparently, PosiMotion hasn’t heard of the pinch gesture. Turning the device on its side into widescreen mode works to adjust the orientation, but forces you to manually re-adjust the zoom again. Every other title we’ve tested with orientation adjustment handles this automatically, and generally properly, but PosiMotion’s zoomed vertical screen runs out of background art, leaving part of the screen black. It’s just bizarre. There are three background textures and two types of card fronts, featuring large or small icons; there’s no audio, and the game seems to be unfinished.


Review: Solitaire Top 3 by PosiMotion

Not surprisingly, the three Solitaire games here are simple, and while not badly presented aren’t worth paying for either. There’s a straightforward drag and drop interface, which we prefer to tons of tapping, but the game doesn’t feel fun or inspired enough to continue playing relative to the other options out there. The idea of paying $4 for this weak game strikes us as implausible; it merits our D- rating for being so bold as to charge for something so clearly underdeveloped. Far from “Top 3,” we’d think of it as our bottom pick of this bunch. iLounge Rating: D-.

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Company and Price

Company: PosiMotion


Title: Solitaire Top 3

Price: $4

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches


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