Gear Guide: Sonnet PodFreq Black for U2 iPod

Cut the wires—Sonnet’s PodFreq wirelessly broadcasts your iPod’s tunes to any nearby FM radio. Find a frequency on the FM dial with no stations, select the same frequency on PodFreq, and play your music—it’s that simple. How does it sound? Superb. PodFreq’s advanced audio design ensures superior music quality.

• PodFreq premium FM transmitter
• Built-in dock substitute (mini-USB 2.0/FireWire ports)
• Car cradle (vehicle mount sold separately)
• Car charger – Works with any standard +12V cigarette lighter/auxillary power socket; plugs into PodFreq’s FireWire® port to charge the iPod.
• Soft carrying pouch
• User’s Guide

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Company: Sonnet
Model: PodFreq Black for U2 iPod
List Price: $99.95

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