Gear Guide: Sony SRS-T77


Gear Guide: Sony SRS-T77

Remarkable Sound Quality from speakers only about the size of a CD case yet which are capable of producing big sound, accurate bass and high acoustic output. Dynamic Sound Duct utilizes space within the speaker cabinet plus additional space within the battery compartment, to maximize enhancement of low frequency output for powerful bass reproduction. World Voltage (100V – 240V) Adapter Supplied so you can take along these speakers on any overseas trip without worrying about batteries. Total Power Output 4W provides abundant volume for exciting wide-range stereo sound.

  • Impedance 8 ohms

  • Sensitivity 75dB SPL

  • Input Stereo mini jack; direct input

  • Power Output 4W (2W + 2W)

  • Frequency Response 100-20,000Hz

  • Cord Length 19 in (50cm)

  • Weighs approximately 9 oz, 12 oz (including batteries)

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    Company: Sony
    Model: Sony SRS-T77 Folding Travel Speakers
    List Price: $79.00

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